Criminal Matters

Criminal Matters

In criminal matters, wide range of crimes fall such as murder, rape, forgery, defamation, corporate frauds, economic offences, theft, dacoity and kidnapping etc. When a person’s conduct is dangerous for the society and is somehow menacing to the life, health, property, safety and moral welfare then it is considered to be a case of criminal matter. 

There is a set of rules enforced by the Indian law which is supposed to be followed by every citizen of the county. In case of failure, a person is liable for punsihment as per the intensity of the crime.

One should seek legal counsel in the case of filing a crime report or in case of proving their innocence if they are charged with a crime.

At Lex Solutions, we provide representation for clients in front of legal formus such as supereme court, high court and legal tribunals. During the legal assisstance we deal in following domains-

  • Registring of crime
  • Anticipatory bail
  • Granting bail
  • Quashing of fir
  • Quashing of criminal cases
  • CBI Cases
  • Defending anti-corruption cases
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If you have been accused of a crime, your defence is enormously essential. There are many attorneys to choose from the best. You should pick out a defence lawyer who is highly educated, experienced and focused on their client’s needs. Lex Solutions has a team of talented and experienced criminal lawyers who have been best at handling all sorts of complicated cases. 

There is no fixed cost to hiring a criminal defence lawyer. The cost of hiring a lawyer may vary from firm to firm. At Lex Solutions, you will get the best criminal defence lawyer. So if you want to hire a criminal defence lawyer, contact Lex Solutions and get the best legal assistance for your case.  

Article 22(2) of the Constitution states, "A person who is arrested shall not be detained in custody without being informed of the grounds of the arrest nor shall he be denied the right to consult, and defended by a legal practitioner (lawyer); of their choice."